Midi-Pyrénées This region is the largest region of France, however, not rich in history, as a result of the regionalization in 1970. The region is known as the largest agricultural area of France, with production of sunflowers is included. The best known thing of the region, however, is the most famous cheese of France, Roquefort - a blue cheese made from sheep's milk. The southern region is very popular among tourists for years. In the Pyrenees, rising to 3,000 meters, with several attractive National Parks along the Spanish border, you will find beautiful ski resorts that attracts many hikers in summer as well. But the biggest tourist attraction is of course the world famous pilgrimage centre of Lourdes. Despite its recent history, there are many beautiful sights and cities to visit that often date from the Middle Ages. The capital Toulouse, often called the pink city, because of the warm colour of the local brick. The UNESCO World Heritage sites Albi, a historic town in the Tarn with a unique brick cathedral and Conques with one of the most beautiful Romanesque churches in France with many sculptures. For admiring a modern piece of technology you need to visit Millau, where you will find the highest bridge in the world. Our villas in Midi-Pyrénées are easily accessible by car, but you can also fly to Toulouse.

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