Isola d'Ischia Ischia is an Italian volcanic island, situated at the northern end of the Gulf of Naples in the Tyrrhenian Sea. It is much bigger compared to its neighbouring islands Procida and Capri, with a population of over 60,000 people. The island is mainly known for its tourism industry, focussing on mostly thermal spas, that let tourists experience the islands volcanic activity, hot springs and volcanic mud. Of course, the island’s beaches and sea are also very popular. If you want to spend some days at the beach, you should definitely beaches as Chiaia; perfect for children, Cartaromana; has natural hot thermal water springs, or Fumarole beach; also popular among locals. One of the most spectacular monuments of the island is the Castello Aragonese built in 1441, which can be reached over a stone bridge. The castle and the tower, called Guevara or Michelangelo’s tower built in front of the castle represent the most known image of Ischia. Its first name derives from the Dukes of Guevara who were the owners since the beginning of 1800, whereas the second name derives from the legend that when Michelangelo visited the island, he stayed in the tower. If you are interested in gardens, you should visit La Mortella, which includes more than 800 species of plants, fountains and a Thai sun house. When visiting this island in spring or summer, it is a must to attend one of the events held around this time, such as Festa della Ndrezzata; displaying the traditional dance, the Vinischia event; focussing on food and wine, or the Foreign Film Festival which is, as the name already says, dedicated to European films. In order to get to Ischia, it is most easy to fly to Naples Airport, from there go to the harbours Beverello or Mergellina and take the ferry to Ischia from there.

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Piccolo (8 persons) - Italy, Amalfi Coast, Isola d Ischia

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The villa nests in the cliffs on the promontory called Punta Caruso in a unique position among copses of mediterranean scrub, large panoramic terraces and rocks that have been carefully worked to allow easy access to the crystal-clear sea.... read more »

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