Siracusa The port town of Siracusa or Syracusa is established in the South-East of Sicily and very well-known, as the city is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site and known for its rich Greek history. If you like archaeology, Siracusa is definitely the place to be. It has an archaeological park, called the Archaeological Park of Neapolis, including the ‘Teatro Greco’; being one of the most beautiful and largest of its kind, a nymphaeum, a quarry called Latomia del Paradiso and with as most famous site the cave of the Ear of Dionysius, or Orecchio di Dionisio. Furthermore it includes an interesting necropolis with tombs cut from the rocks and Roman Amphitheatre, which is green and covered in flowers. Another interesting place is the Latiomia dei Capuccini; a quarry-garden where in early times the Syracusa’s prisoners were left to starve to death. Furthermore it also served as a cemetery, monastery garden and it includes two open air theatres. The atmosphere in this place is very impressive, so this is definitely a place to visit! To add further to Siracusa’s archaeological richness, it possesses the museum ‘Museo Archeologico Regionale Paolo Orsi’, displaying things such as pottery, burial pots and pictures and statues. In order to visit the historic centre of this city, it is the little island Ortygia you must visit, where you will find the Dome of Siracusa; originally a temple built for the goddess Athena, now a cathedral located at the main square of Ortygia in the city of Siracusa. Moreover, you will also find the ‘Castello Maniace’ here, which is a citadel and castle, built between 1232 and 1240. All in all, Siracusa has loads of historical and archaeological treasures to offer. Catania is the closest airport to Siracusa, so the best option is to fly there and from there drive to your destination.

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Located in a residential area on the edge of Siracusa and a mere two miles from the beautiful sandy coast of southern Sicily, this villa is a splendid Mediterranean villa with a large pool and manicured gardens all around. The accommodation is spaci... read more »

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