Basilicata Basilicata, or also called Lucania is a relatively unknown, but nonetheless beautiful region, located in the South of Italy, on the border of Apulia, Calabria and Campania. This region is suitable for the nature loving tourist, one that loves culture and history, but especially for one looking for an unspoilt part of Italy. Basilicata has two beautiful coastlines; the Ionian Coast, with as two most popular beaches Metaponto and Policoro and the Tyrrhenian Coast, with as most popular beach Maratea. The Ionian Coast is characterized by white sandy beaches with clean, shallow water, whereas the Tyrrhenian Coast is more rough with plunging cliffs, mountains and sandy coves in between. The most known and historically rich town of Basilicata is Matera. The Sassi district of this town is named a World Heritage Site, due to its hundreds of cave dwellings and churches dug out of the rocks. In this part of town, a 13th century cathedral can be found as well, but also plenty of other old buildings. Other places that must be visited while you’re staying in this region are: Maratea; known as the ‘Cannes’ of Southern Italy, Melfi; a medieval town surrounded by a Norman city walls and the capital of Basilicata; Potenza. Another must-see is Craco, also known as ‘The Ghost Town’, due to residents that were forced to leave their homes, because of earthquakes and landslides. Nowadays, the town is uninhabited and it seems like time has stood still. Moreover, it is famous as certain movies were shot here, such as ‘The passion of the Christ’. If you like nature, a visit to one of the parks like ‘The Pollino National Park’, ‘The Gallipoli Cognato Park’ or ‘National Park Val D’Agri Lagonegrese’ can’t be missed. Naturally, hiking, cycling and water sport activities are offered all through this region. In order to reach Basilicata, you can fly to Bari Airport, which is about an hour drive from Matera, to Brindisi Airport, which is around an hour and fifteen minute drive to the Ionian Coast, or to Naples Airport, which is located at an approximate 2 hour drive from the capital Potenza.

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Porcius (12 persons) - Italy, Basilicata, Maratea

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Maratea is a corner of paradise just south of the Campania region, down the coast below Amalfi and Cilento, an oasis offering a stretch of coastline of rare and evocative beauty, with rich vegetation all the way down to the sea and a long succession... read more »

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Poratha (10 persons) - Italy, Basilicata, Maratea

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The special characteristic of Maratea is the way it has excellently preserved all of its territory over time, in terms of the landscape and culture. ┬áThe results are evident to visitors: a stretch of around 30 kilometers of perfectly preserved ... read more »

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